The Submission

The Submission

Out of Box Theatre presents The Submission

Danny has written a complex new drama about an African American family trying to get out of the Projects, and it has just been selected for the nation’s preeminent play festival. Problem is: Danny, a young white playwright, submitted the work under a pen name in the hope of increasing its chances for production. So he hires Emilie, a black actress, to stand in for him as author. What starts as a terrible idea becomes more and more terrible as Danny drags Emilie, his boyfriend, and his best friend down a long and dirty path of truth, lies, revelation, and betrayal. A fiercely funny and intelligent new comic drama about the words we use to describe each other — and the things we’ll do to get what we want.

Dates & Times

October 11, 2013 through October 16, 2013, Thursday, Friday , Saturday at 08:00 PM

Matinees Sunday at 03:00 PM

Venue Information

Artisan Resource Center – 585 Cobb Pkwy South, Ste C-1, Marietta, GA 30060


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