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Papa’s Angels

Auditions: Papa’s Angels

The Front Porch Players


Monologues required for children auditioning for roles (see specific monologues, below). Papa, Mamma, Grammy, and the children in the family must be able to sing—the children sing very little but must be able to carry a tune. Grammy must be able to sing (alto/mezzo) and harmonize; Mamma must sing (alto/mezzo range). Role of Papa is already cast. Also be prepared for cold-reads from the script. THIS IS NOT A MUSICAL, but there are a few songs in it as part of the Appalachian milieu.


PERFORMANCE DATES: November 13-15, 20-22, 2015
Possible morning presentation for schools
Rehearsals will primarily be Saturdays & Sundays, 2-5:30, beginning Oct. 3.

Papa—already cast
Mamma—27-40; delicate and devoted to family; small but important role
Grammy Jenkins — can be 60 – 80, very wise and feisty. Must sing (also alto/mezzo range) and be able to hamonize.
Becca Jenkins — must be believably 13 (can be up to 17), very intelligent, mute character whose lines are done as a voice over. Takes Momma’s place as “parent” to her siblings after Mama dies and Papa’s despondence takes him away from his children in spirit.
Hannah Rose Jenkins — believably 10 (can be up to 13); tomboyish and outspoken.
Alvin Jenkins — believably 9 (can be up to 12); cautious and reserved with a slight stutter.
Maude Jenkins — believably 7 (can be up to 10); very cheerful and optimistic; John Neal’s playmate.
John Neal Jenkins — believably 5 (can be up to 9); imaginative and amusing (small in size, the baby of the family). WE NEED A VERY CAPABLE CHILD IN THIS ROLE.
Jimmy Lee — believably 16 (up to 21); fun-loving and full of energy.
Doc Webb — 45 – 70, a respected country physician.
Preacher Pruitt — 45 – 70, an evangelical minister.
Ludlow Wacky, Sr. — 35 – 50, a self-important businessman.
Ludlow Wacky, Jr. — 10 – 14, antagonistic and a bully.
Principal Newton — 35 – 55, narrow-minded.
Ada Passmore — 7 – 12, a prissy tattle-tale.
**Additional elementary school children needed, nonspeaking but fun parts

** Note, this show requires a family commitment as much parental help will be needed during rehearsals and during ALL performances.
(NOTE: If your child is interesting in just being in the school yard recess/fight scene – no memorized lines & they do not sing – please come to auditions to fill out paper work and have their picture taken )
REQUIRED AUDITION MONOLOGUES for the following parts (Must be memorized, not read, at auditions):
**For the role of JOHN NEAL: (Fuzzy is your rabbit skin that you always carry with you – like a teddy bear. You love him very much but are giving him to Papa as a Christmas gift.)
“Fuzzy, you and me been friends a long, long time. Long as I can ‘member. You’re the goodest friend I have in the whole world. But Papa needs you now. You got to go and be Pap’s friend ’cause Papa is real sad. Be his friend. And make him laugh like you do me. An’ then Momma, an’ Sandy Claws and all the angels will come, and ever’thing will be fine like it usta. Now don’t you cry. Just go on and stay with Papa.” (John Neal hugs Fuzzy tightly, kisses him on the nose, lays him in Papa’s lap and scampers up the stairs.)
**For the role of MAUDE: (she runs into the yard from the chicken house carrying a small basket of eggs.)
MAUDE: “Momma, Momma!”
[MOMMA: “Maude honey, that mean ole red bitty scare you again?”]
MAUDE: “Not this time Momma, an’she was sitting on three big brown ones! But I done just like you showed me last time. (Maude acts out her story.) I tippy toed real quiet up to her nest, then I put my hand down just as soft as I could on the straw, and then I creeped with my fingers right under her bottom. An’ then I pulled out one egg, then another ‘un and another ‘un! That ole bitty ain’t never going to scare me again! I reckon I’m getting to be a big girl now.”
**For the role of HANNAH ROSE: (she and John Neal have been up in a tree.)
[MOMMA: “Hannah Rose, why in all the world did you let John Neal climb up in there?”]
HANNAH ROSE: “I didn’t let him, Momma. We was playing hide and seek, and I was it, and then while I was counting to a hundred, John Neal climbed up that little ladder Papa’s got leaning up at the back of the shed, and by the time I hollered “ready or not” he was way up there in the tree. I’m sorry, Momma. I reckon I ought to have come and told you what he’d done, but I didn’t want you to be scared. I thought I could just climb up there and get him, but he wouldn’t come out of there until you called.”
**For the role of ALVIN: (it is night. He and Becca sneak out to Papa’s shed. They’re discovering things in the shed. He has a slight stutter.)
ALVIN: “Come on Becca. All the others is sleeping. Does P-P-Papa just come out here and set in the dark looking at n-n-nothing? Becca, it’s a picture of Momma in her wedding d-d-dress. Ain’t she p-p-pretty. Papa’s wrote “My Rose of Sharon” on it. You reckon he called her that ’cause she loved roses? It’s a bullet. Setting right on the shelf next to Momma’s picture. What was it doing there you reckon? What does it mean Becca? I promise. We won’t tell nobody what we found.”
**For the role of BECCA: ( her part is done as a voice-over, as she is mute. However, her lines must be memorized as her body language is so important.)
BECCA: “A long time ago Papa had made up a special song for Momma. It was called ‘The Maple Tree Song’ and Papa said it was a courtin’ song. Momma told us that when she and Papa begun courtin’ they used to set under a ole’ maple tree out in Grammy’s yard. Papa had to go overseas to fight in the war, but afore he left he made up this song for Momma and he sung it to her. It was real close to Christmas when he went away and he was gone for three years. Momma always sung the song when she was lonesome for him.”



Resume required : No
Headshot required: No
Equity allowed: No
Compensation Offered: No

Date & Time

Sept. 13 & 14, 6:00-8:00 p.m.; call backs either Sept. 15 or 16.


For further information, call 770-897-1404 or email thefrontporchplayers2@gmail.com