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Welcome to the Backstage area of the MAT Awards website

where member theaters will find everything they need to have a successful season.


In an effort to help Russ and the MAT Board, we’re using self-service forms to do some general housekeeping duties.

Now, using smart, interactive forms, you will be able to:

  • Register your theater for the MATs. Since we have to do this each year, this is a no-brainer, and will be made available by the admins during the eligibility period each year.
  • Add your show(s) to the front page.  At least three weeks before your show goes up, your theater rep will need to use the Show Information form to get your show on the front page. You want to do this so that people know about your shows! It’s another form of advertising for you that is completely, 100% free. Don’t worry, you will still get an email update reminding you to do it!
  • Add Auditions to the front page. Now you can advertise your auditions on the MAT Awards website! For now this is limited to your MAT-nominated shows only. We’ll let you know if that changes.

This area will also have video and text-based tutorials, access to documents such as the cast list template and the Official Rules.

We hope you find this area helpful and well-organized. If you have feedback or questions, please feel free to contact the website admins at